Following the coronavirus quarantines, a surge in demand for language-learning apps erupted around the world, with the United Kingdom, quite surprisingly, leading the way. The Covid-19 pandemic seems to have inspired many more British people to attempt to become bilingual, although the country is not known for its citizens’ capacity or enthusiasm for learning a new language.

As a result of lockdowns limiting what can be accomplished productively in free time, people were already downloading apps to replace “hellos” with “Buenos das,” “bonjour,” or “Guten Tag.” Chelsey Hames, a Londoner, started studying French with the language app Duolingo in the year 2020.

The 33-year-old says she was able to read large amounts of French text in just a few months.

The number of new users increased dramatically in 2020, according to Duolingo, especially in the United Kingdom. According to the survey, they grew by 67 percent globally in 2019 and by 132 percent in the United Kingdom, nearly double the global average. According to Colin Watkins, Duolingo’s UK boss, the UK has accepted language learning since the pandemic.

He argues that even before Covid-19, the most commonly accepted reason for the urge to learn a language among British users seemed to be the desire to travel abroad. Individuals started to notice that global travel was severely limited for a variety of reasons.

Spanish is by far the most common language among the app’s 13 million users in the United Kingdom, followed by French.

Many language-related applications will also see substantial development.

Busuu, headquartered in London, says that, despite the fact that its global subscription numbers tripled last year, users in the United Kingdom increased by more than fourfold (312 percent ). The United Kingdom now has over three million users.

Duolingo is a mobile app and language-learning website based in the United States. The company runs on a freemium model, with the app and website available for free, but Duolingo still offers a paid premium service.

Source: BBC News

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