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Financial Awards

  • Best Finance Company / Financial Advisory Firm
  • Best Corporate Finance Company
  • Best Home Finance/ Best Mortgage Finance Provider
  • Best Auto Finance Company
  • Best Retail Finance Company
  • Best SME Finance Company
  • Best Customer Service Company For Finance
  • Best E-Commerce Provider
  • Best Leasing Company
  • Best Online Payment System
  • Best Pension Fund Manager
  • Best Strategic Advisory Firm
  • Best Commodities Trade Finance Firm
  • Best Mutual Fund Provider
  • Most Innovative Mutual Funds Provider
  • Best Islamic/Shariah Compliant Finance Company
  • Best Financial Advisory
  • Best Islamic Financial Advisory
  • Best Financial Products And Solution Provider
  • Best Financial Technology Provider or
  • Best In-house Financial Technology Provider
  • Best Personal or Retail Loans Provider
  • Best Offshore Corporate Advisory
  • Best Delivery Finance Product Company
  • Best Credit Card Service Provider
  • Best Services Provider to Government Sector
  • Best Services Provider to Non-Government Sector
  • Best Venture Capital Firm
  • Best Independent Financial Adviser
  • Best Islamic Finance Training Institution
  • Best Islamic Financial Broker
  • Best Islamic Finance Training Program or Educational Program or
  • Best Online Islamic Finance Training Program
  • Best Finance Regulatory Solutions Provider
  • Best Financial And Credit Information Provider