Event Name : Asian Brand Protection Congress 

Date: 26-27 June, 2024 

Location: Resorts World Convention Centre, Leo Room (Level 1) 

The Brand Protection Conference offers a high-level platform to discuss industry challenges related to anti-counterfeiting, online brand protection, cross-border product security, cybercrime, IP legislation, global cloud security, serialization, and track and trace strategies. The main goal of these conferences is to safeguard the intellectual property of businesses worldwide. By attending, you will connect with top brand owners across various industries. 

World BI hosts the Brand Protection Congress to encourage participation in business meetings, exhibition spaces, information exchange sessions, interactive presentations, and extensive networking opportunities. Focused roundtables connect you with global colleagues, allowing you to discuss topics of interest. Join us at the conference to discover ways to maximize your intellectual property value in a dynamic global economy. 

This year, World BI is promoting this event for the first time in Asia, so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. 

Join us at the Asian Brand Protection Congress, where you can engage with top-notch speakers and industry leaders. Participate in presentation sessions, explore exhibitions and booths, and join panel discussions on a variety of topics. With over 25 + insightful speakers and more than 10+ sponsors, this is an event you won’t want to miss. 

Attendees By Region 

85% Asia: The majority of the attendees are from Asia, indicating a significant interest or relevance of the event in this region. 

8% US: A smaller percentage of attendees are from the United States, showing some interest but not as dominant as Asia. 

7% Europe: Similarly, a small percentage of attendees are from Europe.

Attendees By Industry 

75% Brand Owners: Most of the attendees are from companies or organizations that own brands, implying a focus on issues that directly impact brand management and protection. 15% Government bodies + Regulatory bodies: A significant portion of attendees are from government and regulatory organizations, indicating the event’s relevance to public policy and regulatory compliance. 

10% Service Providers: The rest of the attendees are from service providers, likely those offering solutions or services related to the event’s topics. 

This distribution highlights the event’s emphasis on brand owners, with important contributions from governmental and service sectors. 

Agenda Topics 

  1. Public-Private Partnership: Discussions on collaboration between government entities and private sector companies. 
  2. Brand Protection & Enforcement Programs: Strategies and programs to protect brands and enforce brand rights. 
  3. IP Management System: Systems and practices for managing intellectual property (IP). 4. Organized Crimes & Counterfeiting: Addressing issues related to organized crime and the production of counterfeit goods. 
  4. NFTs Protection: Protecting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets that are gaining popularity. 
  5. Supply Chain Technologies: Technologies used to manage and secure supply chains. 7. Product Authentication: Methods for verifying the authenticity of products to prevent counterfeiting. 
  6. Product Security & Investigation: Ensuring the security of products and investigating breaches or frauds. 
  7. Virtual Frauds: Tackling frauds that occur in virtual or digital environments. 10. Visual Content Monitoring and Protection: Monitoring and protecting visual content, likely related to intellectual property rights. 
  8. Over & Covert Security Features: Security features that are both visible and hidden, used to protect products. 

12.Online Brand Protection-Need of Time: The necessity of protecting brands in the online space. 

These topics cover a range of issues related to brand protection, security, and the intersection of public and private efforts in these areas. The focus on both current technologies (like NFTs and supply chain tech) and traditional issues (like counterfeiting and IP management) indicates a comprehensive approach to brand and product security.