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World Economic Magazine Inc. Awards

Awards Winners


World Economic Magazine encourages banks as well as non-banking institutions to apply in our Annual Awards 2021. These awards recognise the most dynamic, disruptive, innovative, progressive, engaging, and trailblazing players in a variety of industries and regions who are pushing the envelope to effectively engage prospective customers and investors while demonstrating effective environmental, social, and governance strategies.

Award Winners 2020

Discover the institutions and leaders who have outperformed their peers in terms of delivering returns, gaining a strategic edge, and serving their markets. Individuals and organisations that have made important contributions to the growth of the banking and non-banking industries were among those whose entries were accepted.

Award Winners 2021

As the world is recovering from the impact of COVID-19, we continue to felicitate all types of financial intermediaries and thought leaders for their outstanding performance across a range of industries throughout the world as they battle the epidemic with ease. These awards are a fantastic way to be acknowledged for your accomplishments or unique selling propositions in your field of expertise. The winners achieve significant market visibility, brand recognition, and positioning.

Award Winners 2022

A new era of our economic sensation annual listing of companies and individuals who are driving the global economy. The World Economic Magazine Nomination & award winner selection process is based on our core competencies, providing a unique benchmark for excellence in different domains. The World Economic Magazine is committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.


World Economic Magazine Awards were given to dominant players from growing industries like Aviation, Blockchain, Banking, FinTech, Green Energy, Travel & Tourism, etc. All the winners are doing exceptional work in their respective domains and are dominating their industries for a prosperous world. The award winners gained significant market visibility, brand recognition, and positioning in the market. If your business has the power to shape the global markets, you too can avail all these benefits. Don’t miss this opportunity. Nominate now!

World Economic Magazine Inc. Award aims to highlight and acknowledge the spirit of industry disruptors across the global financial marketplace.

In our endeavour to become a recognized and trusted standard of excellence, our awards honour the efficacy of both B2B and B2C businesses as well as thought leaders as they redefine their values to sustain in today’s dynamic ‘innovation economy’. Since honorees for the awards are chosen solely on the basis of merit, we only recognize businesses, services and individuals who stand out from the crowd and go above and beyond to ensure their client’s satisfaction.

The entire awards process which includes Nomination, Selection and announcement of award winners in the Award Winners Section is absolutely free of charge.

Our research team collects data independently from a variety of publicly available sources, which is then compared to any information given by a nominating party or nominee themselves. The research team takes their final decision based on a variety of factors including market success, sustainability, business growth (either sustained or rapid), innovation, etc.

Participating in the World Economic Awards is a perfect way to show off your accomplishments over the past year as well as your commitment to promoting business excellence.

Who Should Participate

We highly encourage to participate businesses who are market leaders or are striving hard to shape the world for a better future & growth with the help of their innovative approach.

C-level executives and senior management representatives in the fields of asset management, aviation, banking, finance, brokerage, energy, insurance, logistics, oil & gas, travel & tourism are eligible to apply for World Economic Magazine Awards.

Awards Categories

Insurance Awards

The insurance industry is growing rapidly. Leading insurance companies will be recognized for unique customer-friendly efforts in the World Economic Magazine Inc. Awards.

Technology Awards

Technology has contributed greatly to the evolution of modern life. World Economic Magazine Inc. Technology Awards honors contributions and work that have incrementally improved the quality of different products and services through innovative technology.

Banking Awards

Regulatory changes, technological advancements, and market reforms have impacted the global banking sector continuously over the years. World Economic Magazine Inc. Awards honor banks that have adopted innovation, developed infrastructure, or put the customer first.

Leadership Awards

Celebrating great leaders for a brighter tomorrow. Taking place in the Business and Services industry, the World Economic Magazine Inc. Leadership Awards honors leaders and game-changers from the Banking, Real Estate, Telecom Industry, Education, Healthcare & Wellness, Hospitality, and Tourism Companies.

Financial Awards

The World Economic Magazine Inc. Awards aim to recognize financial companies for their contributions, such as social responsibility and charity efforts, corporate governance, and activities that benefit the finance community, as well as their outstanding performance in their respective fields.

Transportation Awards

Having a healthy transport sector is crucial to a nations' economic fortune. World Economic Magazine Inc. Transport Awards honor the best and most innovative businesses in the transportation industry.

Real Estate Awards

To stay competitive, the real estate sector must balance customer-friendliness with innovation resulting from a variety of external factors. World Economic Magazine Inc. Real Estate Awards are presented to those companies that strive to provide a consistently engaging and valuable customer experience.

Healthcare Awards

The developing economies in the world are now concerned about providing citizens with advanced healthcare services. World Economic Magazine Inc. Healthcare Awards are designed to honor the top-performing, pioneering, and successful companies in healthcare insurance, management, and technology

Utility Awards

Utilities like gas, water, electricity, etc. are essential services that play a vital role in the development of human life. Economic prosperity is reflected in the availability of quality utilities. This award program recognizes and rewards companies and initiatives that are leading the way in their fields.

Telecom Awards

Telecommunication companies help us to connect the world. This award recognizes firms that provide cutting-edge connectivity to customers around the world as well as those that showcase innovative technologies.

Brokerage Awards

A series of changes have occurred in the global brokerage industry over the past several years, mainly caused by technology disruption and intense competition. The World Economic Magazine Inc. Awards honor brokerage companies for their innovative and customer-centric efforts to keep investors satisfied and the economy thriving.